PVL Series Pilot Lamp Indicator

Lamp indicator anti-vandal switch with multiple panel cutout sizes ranging from 6mm dia up to 25mm dia. lamp indicator, pilot indicator Anti-vandal

The PVL series pilot lamp indicator offers tamper resistant properties without the actuation function. This switch provides multiple panel cutout sizes ranging from 6mm to 19mm. Body finish options include stainless steel or black.

The PVL series offers two termination options: solder lugs or attached wire leads 150mm long. Custom wire length is available upon request. The lens colors include red, green, or blue. There are multiple illumination voltage options to choose from.

The anti-vandal lamp indicator series is commonly used in kiosks, ticket dispensers, and industrial-type applications.

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    Contact Arrangement: Lamp indicator
    Operating/Storage Temperature: -25°C to 55°C
    Lamp Life: 40,000 Hours Nominal       
    Ingress Protection: IP67
    Panel Thickness: 1-6mm or 1-10mm, (depending on mounting diameter)
    Mounting Nut Torque: 5-14Nm