Sv7 Fully wired

Adding Wire Leads to a Switch Has Never Been Easier!

E-Switch offers several termination options that will enhance your production line and your bottom line. Selecting the right terminal option for your product assembly process will provide time and cost savings from:

♦ No need to second-source wire leads and assembly house.

♦ Reduce labor cost by ordering your switches pre-wired before arrival on your manufacturing floor.

♦ Decrease product assembly time with the ease of installing behind the panel.

All of E-Switch’s panel mount switches are now available with wire leads. Whether you’re looking for an anti-vandal, keylock, rocker, pushbutton, snap action, slide or toggle switch for panel mounting, all are now available with wire leads.

The anti-vandal switch (a.k.a. vandal-resistant, vandal-proof, tamper-resistant or tamper-proof) was designed to be installed in devices and equipment that are susceptible to harsh use, vandalism, theft, as well as withstand extreme temperatures and be resistant to dust and moisture. The wired options are color-coded for convenience and are compatible with a variety of connectors.

Terminal Options:
Anti-vandal ULV Series

Anti-Vandal SeriesSolder LugTerminal Option W
  Wire Leads Attached
300mm Long
Terminal Option M
  Molded Protective Boot
with wire leads
Terminal Option P
  Detachable Socket
with wire leads
ULV4Ulv4 Blue DotUlv4 W 188x113 150dpi 1Ulv4f M 188x105 150dpi 1Ulv4 2 1
ULV7Ulv7 Transparent 1Ulv7 W 188x110 150dpi 2 1Ulv7 M 188x97 150dpi 1Ulv7 1
ULV8Ulv8 Green Ring 1Ulv8 W 188x110 150dpi 1Ulv8 M .188x105 150dpijpg 1Ulv8 1

Terminal Options:
Anti-Vandal PV Series

Anti-Vandal SeriesSolder LugWire Leads Attached
  300mm long
PVP Detachable Socket
with Solder Lug
PVP Detachable Socket
with Wire Leads
PV3Pv3 Blue Dot 1Pv3 Dw 1Pv3socket.separate 1Pv3 Socket 1
PV4Pv4 Rgb Ss Ring Transp Bkgrd 1Pv4 Dw Ss Blue Ring 1Pv4socket 1Pv4 Pvp Socket Wire Copy 1
PV7Pv7 Ring Blue 1Pv7 Dw 1Pv7socket.separate 1Pv7 With Wired Socket 1
PV8Pv8 Ring Blue 1Pv8 Dw Ring Color Blue 1NAImage not available
PV9Pv9 1Pv9 Dw 1NAPv9 Socket Wired 1
PV10Pv 10 Ring Color 1Pv10 1NAPv10 Socket 1

Common Applications

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