Sales Team

Meet our Regional Sales Managers

The E-Switch sales team is proud to provide quality service and high-end customer support to customers all over the world. By extending our coverage over the entire United States and across the globe, we’re able to serve our customers wherever they may be.

Laura Miller

North East Regional Sales Manager

Laura is our most recent member to join the sales team here at E-Switch, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her aboard. Born in Nashua, New Hampshire and hailing from Sandy Hook, Connecticut, Laura is no stranger to the East Coast area.

With her degree in Psychology from Ohio State University, Laura has made quite the name for herself within the industry. Her 27 years of hands-on experience in both distribution and OEM has given Laura a well-versed portfolio.

When Laura’s not in work-mode she can be found on the golf course or traversing the great outdoors with her three boys and husband of almost 30 years.

South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, D.C., New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Eastern Canada

Rick Kline

West Coast Regional Sales Manager

Rick joined E-Switch 14 years ago and has been a prominent figure in shaping the E-Switch name across the West Coast. Minneapolis born and bred, Rick’s expertise and knowledge is a culmination of 40 years within the industry, and it’s clearly apparent when engaging in conversation.

Outside the office you’ll be sure to find Rick hitting the slopes during the frigid Minnesota winters or exploring the verdant landscape by motorcycle in the summer months. Yes, this adrenaline junkie needs a little more than switches to get a spark out of life!

California, Washington, Oregon, Western Canada, and Mexico

Dave Thull

Southern Regional Sales Manager

Dave joined E-Switch as the Southern Regional Sales Manager back in March 2020. With 30 years of industry experience under his belt, Dave has laid the foundations of the E-Switch brand throughout the Southern states, providing his extensive product knowledge.

Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee   

Jim Aune

Central Regional Sales Manager

Jim is quite the character here at the E-Switch office. You’ll often hear Jim before you see him! Jim joined the regional sales team back in 2015 and has since made a positive impact throughout the Central Region. Jim’s extensive in-depth product knowledge and loquacious tongue are part of the reason he has remained in this industry for 39 years and counting.

During the weekend Jim will often ride the erratic emotional roller coaster that is the Minnesota Vikings, and when that gets to be too much, some good old-fashioned site-seeing and traveling does the trick.

Glen Friese

EMEA Regional Sales Manager

Glen Joined E-Switch back in 2019 and has been a key component in expanding the company’s global reach. With 13 years of total industry experience, Glen is the driving force in spreading E-Switch across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

When he’s not on his sales trips, this Minnesota local loves spending time with his family in the great outdoors as well as traveling the states and exploring the world.

Europe, Middle East, South America, and Africa

Thomas Leow

Asia Regional Sales Manager

Thomas has been at the helm of Asian sales efforts since 2004, contributing a total of 28 years of industry experience. After graduating with his Master’s in Strategic Marketing from the University of Wollongong, Australia, it didn’t take Thomas long to join the E-Switch sales team and start making his mark.

When Thomas isn’t selling switches, he’ll be saddling up on his bike or teeing off at his favorite golf course.