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Switches in Filmmaking: Celebrating the Return to Movie Theaters


The next time you’re in a movie theater watching the trailers for the upcoming attractions, think of all the switches that make those movies possible. ...view more

Congress Switches Economy ‘ON,’ Inflation ‘OFF’ with Energy, CHIPS+ Legislation


The energy and CHIPS+ legislation Congress agreed upon this week will switch 'ON' the switch industry in both the short- and long-term. ...view more

Switching to Backup Energy Sources During Blackouts


Don’t be left without power on the hottest day of the year. Keep your essential appliances running by switching to generators, solar arrays, and battery backup systems during blackouts this summer. ...view more

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E-Switch Virtual Solutions

E-Switch Virtual Solutions

Our virtual solutions interactive panels offers viewers a selection of switches based on such criteria as a specific market, a switch category or a mounting option. More virtual solutions are coming soon. Connect with E-Switch social media -- Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog -- to be informed of new offerings. Click on an image below to get started!

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