PB300 Series Pushbutton Switch

TL3780 Ultraminiature Tact Switch

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The New PB300 Series Pushbutton Switch


The PB300 is a momentary pushbutton switch that is pcb mounted and has a long travel of 2mm.  You can choose between a single pole, single throw switch, or a single pole, double throw, double action s ...view more


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E-Switch’s YouTube channel now has some more switch training videos. We will continue to work on more educational videos so you can learn more about our switches and the capabilities we can prov ...view more


The New TL3780 Series Ultra-miniature Tact Switch


The TL3780 series tact switch is surface mount and ultraminiature in size. It is a mere 2.0mm x 3.0mm in size with a very low profile of 0.60mm. There are two operating force options: 240 grams and 33 ...view more

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E-Switch Briefcase Displays

E-Switch Virtual Solutions

Here is our broad list of miniature switch series that can be used in wearable technology applications and other products where space is at a premium. Click the image below to interact with these virtual solutions!

virtual solutions

E-Switch Briefcase Displays

E-Switch has three types of sample kit "briefcases" that are available for you. They are a hefty metal briefcase as shown below, but when they are opened, you have an array of switches presented in a nice display. If you are interested in seeing these briefcase displays in the field, please contact an E-Switch representative or regional manager.

You can click on any of the briefcases below to interact with the switches and click on the individual switches to learn more about them.


panel mount switches

illuminated switches
pcb switches
 This includes many rocker switches,
pushbutton switches, toggle switches and more, with illumination options, custom marking options, sealed, and power rated.
 This kit includes many tact switches and pushbutton switches and offers a vast array of cap options, right angle and thru hole mounts.  This briefcase includes a huge number of tact switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, slide switches, snap action switches and more.