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YTD-Legacy Products

YTD-Legacy Products

E-Switch takes a proactive approach to improve product performance features and enhance manufacturing processes. Legacy Products is a way for us to capture and share E-Switch series with Limited sales as result of shifting consumer demands, emerging markets and changing technologies. Click on the below Product Change Notifications link to view our most recent PCNs, sorted by E-Switch item number for easy reference.

  • Replacement parts will be noted with an Active drawing number.
  • All active drawings and active E-Switch part numbers can be found by using the search bar in the upper right corner of the website.
Additional information will also be provided under notes to the far right of listing… special production criteria, such as Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and useful suggestions to standard options and base part numbers that should be more readily available through our distribution network. Sometimes specific part numbers are obsolete…but not the entire series; check our PCN notes section for guidance. E-Switch is continually improving the information we share to save everyone time when designing with and using E-Switch products. To view our PRODUCT CHANGE NOTIFICATIONS CLICK HERE To view all our other active parts, click on a switch type below.


  • Product Change Notifications
  • E-Switch Replacement Series
  • Active Drawing Reference

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Inactive Parts

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Most Common Configurations

Detail Specifications

Custom – If design and/or tooling were funded by a specific customer, that product modification will not be available for other potential users, unless the original customer releases it. Limited Use – Switch series that E-Switch has decided not to promote but, that are still active. MOQMinimum Order Quantity – Minimums are determined by an extensive review of all costs associated which can include but not limited to the materials used, the processes involved, the packaging mediums (bulk bag, tray, tube, reel) and the shipping carton sizes used. NCNRNon Cancellable Non-Returnable - Non-standard, Custom and/or limited use part configurations are considered NCNR and those orders cannot be cancelled. Obsolete – Product has been phased out, no possible way to produce, past any time frame for last time buy. PCN - Product Change Notification – Notice of upcoming change to the series…or specific part configuration. Reasons for changes vary a great deal and can include but not limited to materials used and their performance specifications, to mechanical design, mechanical tolerance, dimensions, processing technologies, ROI and end user processing needs. Phase Out – Early notice of intent to make a product change which may or may not include an E-Switch replacement series….usually will include last time buy production dates and minimum order quantities needed to produce a last run. ROI - Return On Investment – A critical measure to weigh all costs (investment, operating, overhead, maintenance) against gross sales to help determine if or when actual profit can be achieved. WIPWork In Process – Is the summarized costs associated with production to cover the raw materials and components used to manufacture the specific switch series.

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