Switch Solutions For The Handheld And Wearables Markets Featuring Right Angle And Illuminated Tact Switches

Switch Solutions for the Handheld and Wearables Markets: Right Angle and Illuminated Tact Switches

E-Switch offers several right angle tact switches to fit product designs that require access to the switch from the edge of the PC board. These switches come in various sizes and profiles. For example, the TL1014 and TL3901 provide low profiles of 1.65mm and 1.8mm, respectively, as compared to the TL3330 and TL3340, which measure, respectively, 3.0mm and 3.4mm in height.

The TL3360 is the tallest of the miniature switches, with a 6.5mm profile and offers users four actuation height options ranging from 2.3mm to 4.35mm. E-Switch offers the TL4100 and TL4105 for product designs that require a right angle edge mount switch which fits into the PC board. Two force options are available for the TL4100, and provides a life expectancy of one million cycles.

Some of the applications for right angle tact switches include youth and adult smart wristbands, baby monitoring devices, wearable cameras, and sports trackers, such as golf or tennis swing analyzers.

The illuminated miniature tact switches are a particularly good fit for handheld devices that are used in low-light environments where an illuminated switch provides better visibility. The TL3200 offers a dual LED surface mount design and single- or dual-color options and low profile of 2.5mm. Providing a high life expectancy of one million cycles, the TL3215 offers five LED color and 2.0mm profile. Available in multiple LED color illumination, the TL6210 is also sealed to an IP67 rating.

Applications for illuminated, miniature tact switches include video gaming, TV remote control, consumer electronics, medical equipment, and computer peripherals. Visit the links above to download data sheets, 3D models, or request a sample switch.

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