Types of Illuminated Switches: LED, Incandescent and Neon

Illuminated electromechanical switches incorporate a visual indicator — usually in the form of an LED (Light Emitting Diode) or small incandescent bulb — to indicate the switch’s on/off state. There are several types of illuminated switches, each with their own characteristics.

What Are Rotary DIP Switches And What Are They Used For?

Rotary DIP switches offer a simple and manual way to set parameters such as address settings, mode selections or other options in a circuit. They also provide a convenient way to adjust multiple switches simultaneously by rotating a single knob, simplifying the configuration process.

What Are Toggle Switches and What Are They Used For?

A toggle switch is a mechanical switch that is commonly used to control the flow of electricity in electronic devices. It’s characterized by the presence of a manually operated handle which controls the flow of electrical current from power supply to device.

What Are Trigger Switches and What Are They Used For?

A trigger switch typically refers to a type of switch used in electronic devices or tools that is activated by pulling or pressing a trigger mechanism. This type of switch is commonly found in devices like power tools, drills, and some electronic appliances.