How to Solder Switches: Types of Soldering and Temperatures

Soldering is crucial when attaching wires to electromechanical switches because it creates a reliable electrical connection. Solder acts as a conduit, provides mechanical stability, prevents oxidation and minimizes resistance, making it essential for reliable switch performance.

What are Piezo Switches and What are They Used for?

Have you ever wondered about those intuitive buttons that seem to magically respond to your touch without any physical movement? Enter the world of Piezo switches — the unsung heroes behind many of today’s cutting-edge technological innovations.

Types of Illuminated Switches: LED, Incandescent and Neon

Illuminated electromechanical switches incorporate a visual indicator — usually in the form of an LED (Light Emitting Diode) or small incandescent bulb — to indicate the switch’s on/off state. There are several types of illuminated switches, each with their own characteristics.