Switch Solutions For The Handheld And Wearables Markets Featuring Miniature Tact Switches

Switch Solutions for the Handheld and Wearables Markets: Miniature Tact Switches

Part one of this “Switch Solutions for the Wearable and Handheld Devices Market” video series focuses on miniature and micro-miniature tact switches, including applications for wearable technology and handheld devices. E-Switch offers a large selection of miniature tact switches, including micro-miniature sized, surface mount design, right angle actuation, and illuminated options.

Included in the micro-miniature tact switch category are the TL3700, which measures 3mm by 2.6mm with a 0.65mm profile. The TL3750 and TL3780, which both measure a mere 3mm by 2mm with profiles of 0.58mm and 0.55mm, respectively.

Providing users with a firm tactile response and higher profile, the TL1015 measures four point four millimeters by 2.9 millimeters with a two millimeter profile while the TL3065 measures 4.2mm by 3.2mm with a 2.5mm profile. The micro miniature size of these switches makes them an excellent fit for ultra-compact products where component housing space is at a premium.

Applications include hearing aids, ear buds, mobile phones, fitness and healthcare wristbands, and smart glasses. In addition to the micro-miniature tact switches, E-Switch provides many miniature tact switches that are slightly larger in size and profile height compared to the micro-miniature tact switches.

With the exception of the TL3315, which offers users an ultra-low profile of 0.55mm and measures 4.4mm by 4.5mm, the TL3301, TL3302, TL3303, TL3305, TL3313, and TL3342 provide users with a firm smooth tactile response. The dimensions range from 3.5mm by 6mm to 6mm by 6mm. Ten actuation heights are available for the TL3301, and three height options for the TL3305 tact switch.

Joining the miniature switch category are the TL6120, TL6700, and TL9210 tact switches. Need a process sealed miniature tact switch? Look no further than the TL6120 and the TL6700. Both switches offer multiple gram force options. The attractive housing of the TL9210 provides a 5mm profile and a 6mm by 6mm actuation surface. It offers a particularly quiet, smooth tactile experience for the user and provides 1.3mm travel plus 180 grams or 260 grams of operating force.

This selection of miniature switches is appropriate for electronic handheld applications such as intra-oral cameras, surgical endoscopic devices, oximeters, home security hubs, electronic timers for temperature control, and light belts used by extreme sports enthusiasts such as rock climbers.

Visit the links above to download data sheets, 3D models, or request a sample switch. Watch Part 2 and Part 3 of the series “Switch Solutions for the Wearable and Handheld Devices Market” for more switch solutions like these. E-Switch offers one of the largest selections of electromechanical switches in the industry. Our products can be purchased through our authorized distributors. Thank you for getting to know E-Switch. [Music]