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Home Energy Systems featuring the PV7 Series Anti-vandal Switch

In recent years there’s been a huge shift in our energy production. The idea of electric cars was once a comical notion and deemed more of a gimmick than anything practical. Not these days. Many electric cars now outperform their fossil fuel counterparts in both efficiency and functionality. Our reliance on traditional, unsustainable energy production is being questioned. With growing concerns about climate change, many people are seeking alternative ways to live their life. It’s not so uncommon to see solar panels on suburban streets or wind turbines spanning across the horizon. 

Regardless of where energy is coming from, there still remains one significant problem. Those dreaded two words that throw a stick into our metaphorical spokes of life: power outages. Those of us still tied to the grid can do nothing but wait. Those with alternative sources of energy have a little more time with power, but their backup batteries don’t last long…until now! 

One company based in sunny California has taken this problem and turned it into a solution. Their innovative energy storage system has all their competitors beat. The Uninterrupted Energy Supply system takes and stores power from both renewable and traditional energy sources. Just one of energy system cabinets can hold 18kW of continuous power and peak at 40kW, ensuring your entire home is powered through blackouts or planned outages from utility companies. All this results in a battery system that allows your home to be powered for days while simultaneously running high-powered appliances like air conditioning or pool pumps. 

As with every application story, we want to showcase how E-Switch plays a part in the manufacturing process. This story is no different. As the energy system is an outside device and can last up to 25 years with minimal maintenance, there needs to be an equally rugged switch to complement the device. And when it comes to rugged, durable, and built to last we have just the thing! In this case, the PV7 Series anti-vandal switch was chosen as the primary power button. 

What makes the PV7 Series such a well-suited switch for this type of application is the impressive range of specifications. Boasting a mechanical life of 1,000,000 cycles as well as an operating temperature of -20c to 55c, it’s no wonder the PV7 is so often the choice for outdoor applications. The switch is also rated IP65 for protection against dust and moisture. The quality of the PV7 is noticeable from a distance, the brushed nickel or stainless steel finish is an enticing option for many people. Another great feature of this Long Life Anti-Vandal Switch is the prewired service available. 300mm long wires can be pre-attached to save on cost and second-hand sourcing. 

Explore some other switches suitable for this kind of application:

The entire PV anti-vandal line. Depending on your size panel mount size requirements you’ll be sure to find the right PV switch for your needs

SV7 – Short Body Anti-Vandal Switch

  • 22mm panel cutout
  • IP67
  • Prewired (500mm)
  • Multiple LED options. 


  • 22mm Panel Cutout
  • IP67
  • UL Certified
  • Prewired (300mm) 
  • Detachable Wired Socket (500mm)
  • Molded Boot Wires (500mm)


  • 22mm Panel Cutout
  • IP65
  • RGB LED Illumination
  • Prewired (300mm)