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ST1 Series High Current, Power Toggle Switch

ST1 Series High Current, Power Toggle Switch

The ST1 Series high current toggle switch features a high electric rating of up to 20A of 125VAC with multiple agency approvals. The single-pole circuits on these power toggle switches perform momentary or maintained (latching) functions. The available termination options for this heavy duty toggle switch are tab, screw, solder, and wire leads. E-Switch now offers our ST1 Series power toggle switch prewired as an off-the-shelf item. This eliminates the need to add wires on your end, saving you time and money. Possible applications for this high current, power toggle switch include:

  • Industrial controls
  • Floorcare appliances
  • Commercial appliances
  • Medical/dental
  • HVAC
  • Vending machines


  • Up to 20A, 125VAC, 2HP electrical rating with multiple agency certifications
  • 1 pole, 1 or 2 throws; maintained (latching) and momentary functions
  • 12mm diameter panel cutout

ST1 Series High Current, Power Toggle Switch

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Detail Specifications

ELECTRICAL RATING: Maintained Switches: 20A @ 125VAC [cULus]; 15A @ 277VAC [cULus]; 2HP @ 125-277VAC [cULus]; Momentary Switches: 20A @ 125VAC [cULus]; 15A @ 277VAC [cULus]; 1.5HP @ 125-277VAC [cULus] OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 0°C to 85°C STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -20°C to 85°C ELECTRICAL LIFE: 6,000 Cycles CONTACT RESISTANCE: 50mΩ Max. INSULATION RESISTANCE: 2MΩ Min. @ 500VDC DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 1,000VAC for 1 Minute

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