500A Series Sub-miniature Slide Switches

The sub-miniature slide series offer SMT, PCB or PCB right angle termination options, SPDT with gold or silver contacts and an epoxy seal. Sub-miniature slide switches Slide

The 500A series sub-miniature slide switch has three termination options: SMT, PCB, or PCB right angle. It is available in two SPDT function choices with gold or silver contact options and epoxy seal. These types of subminiature slide switches are commonly used in consumer electronics and computer peripheral applications.

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Additional Options

    Contact Rating: 3A 120VAC
                                1A 250VAC
    Electrical Life: 30,000 Make-and-Break Cycles at Full Load
    Contact Resistance: 10mΩ Max. Typical at 2-4VDC
                                        100mA for Both Silver and Gold Plated Contacts
    Insulation Resistance: 1,000MΩ Min.
    Dielectric Temperature: 1,000V RMS at Sea Level
    Operating Temperature: -30°C to 85°C

    Case: Diallyl phthalate (DAP)
    Housing: Stainless Steel
    Slide Handle: Nylon
    Contact & Terminals: Gold or Silver Plated Copper Alloy