Get Wired with the ULV Molded Boot

The “Get Wired” campaign continues to grow with the latest addition of the ULV molded boot. Yes, you heard it right! The popular ULV anti-vandal line now comes with the choice of a low pressure molded boot for added protection. But wait! Not only does the ULV wired boot add strength and protection to the switch, it actually saves you time and money. By removing the need for additional in-house labor and sourcing of wires, you can get back to the task at hand. 

The ULV wired boot is available across the whole ULV anti-vandal line, including the ULV4, ULV7, and ULV8. Each boot comes equipped with a 500mm long wire with added protective casing. For more information on the ULV molded boot, you can view the short video below.

ULV4 – 19mm Panel Cutout

ULV7 – 22mm Panel Cutout

ULV8 – 25mm Panel Cutout

 For more information on the ULV Molded Boot, you can view the short video below.