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A Durable Sewer Camera featuring the ULV4 Series Anti-vandal Switch

We rarely give a second thought to swiftly draining sinks, showers, and tubs, or a perfectly flushing toilet in our home or workplace until the inevitable happens! An experienced plumber with the right tools is your next call, or perhaps an SOS signal. Nearly all licensed plumbers are using the right tool, a sewer camera, but not any camera. A prudent and wise plumber will, no doubt, select a camera that provides dependability, long-wear, is efficient to use, and cost-effective. These features do exist, and the sewer camera was developed by a plumber for plumbers.

E-Switch’s latest customer is a plumber and the developer of this modular sewer camera which is manufactured in the southeastern United States. For the past fifteen years, this company has been manufacturing sewer cameras and accessories that can be easily repaired on the work site if necessary. The camera system and monitoring device were designed to utilize modular components that are manufactured as separate components that plug into one another. This is a commonsense approach to reducing downtime in the field and highly cost-effective to replace a single component. Not to mention the savings to the plumber’s client. Often, a client is charged by the foot to dig up a sewer line from the street to the house, finding the break in the line before digging makes the unfortunate maintenance task a bit more palatable.

Adding a new sewer camera to their product portfolio, our customer needed a durable switch with UL certification and dust and moisture protection of IP67 for the on-off function. In keeping with the high quality and manufacturing standards, the customer selected E-Switch’s ULV4 series Anti-vandal pushbutton switch. The ULV series is not only durable with dust and moisture protection but also a handsome, aesthetically pleasing switch to meet the customer’s approval. The bonus for the customer was that the ULV4 could be purchased with wire leads as a standard product offering. Standard wire lead assembly eliminated cost and time for the customer. He did not have to second-source the wire leads and assembly process, nor allocate internal staff to connect the leads. As soon as the switches arrived on-site, the product of a new sewer camera commenced.

The ULV4 Series was the first Anti-Vandal switch to be UL certified, offering a rating of 3A 250VAC. Additional features include a rating of IP67, SPDT, or DPDT functionality, and an operating life of up to 1,000,000 life cycles (momentary) and 500,000 (latching). The ULV4 series requires a 19mm panel cutout size. Illuminated pattern options include dot, ring, or power symbol. Many LED color options and multiple voltage options, including custom graphic options, are available. The ULV4 is also available as a prewired assembly. To learn more about the ULV4, check out its datasheet and the specs below.

ULV4 Specs:

Electrical Rating: 3A @ 125/250VAC
Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 cycles (momentary); 500,000 cycles (latching)
Electrical Life: 50,000 Cycles
Contact Resistance: 50mΩ
Insulation Resistance: 1000 MΩ @ 500VDC
Dielectric Strength: 2,000VAC
Operating/Storage Temperature: -20°C to 55°C
Travel: 3.2mm
Dust and Moisture Protection: IP67
Contact Arrangement: SPDT or DPDT
Actuation Force: Single Pole: 2.5N; Double Pole: 3.5N
Panel Thickness: 1-10mm
Hex Nut Torque: 5-14Nm
Mechanical Impact Protection: IK08
Agency Approvals: cURus

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