Celebrating Switches That Make Smoothies

Celebrating Switches that Make Smoothies

On this National Smoothie Day, let us celebrate the keystone of the kitchen, the foundation for fitness, and the bedrock of healthy bodies everywhere: the blender.

“Some people meditate. Some people get massages. I blend.” – Will Smith, Enemy of the State

I do all three of those things Will Smith mentions in Enemy of the State, but I only do one religiously. I have a smoothie almost every day. I’m not an early riser, but I love breakfast, and since I’m perpetually running behind, my blender is the most used appliance in my kitchen by a country mile. Outside of tomatoes, the blender is almost exclusively how I consume fruit, and not because I dislike fruit. I just don’t eat a lot of meals or snacks featuring fruit.

My Ninja Nutri-Blender makes breakfast faster than I can cook Spam and eggs and takes up a lot less space than my gas stove. It also has a sleek, safe design, with no visible switches that can be accidentally actuated. Instead, snap action switches are actuated when the canister and blade combination are pushed down onto the blender. This makes it impossible to slice fingers or send smoothie everywhere by blending without the cap. The TS2 Series snap action switch could be used in the same way.

The TS2 Series is a surface mount, subminiature snap action switch that’s 8.6mm (W) x 3.0mm (H) x 4.8mm (D) in size. These microswitches, or limit switches, have a life expectancy of three million cycles, which should result in 300,000 smoothies on average. That’s one every day for almost 822 years.

For blenders featuring “pulse” mode, the 800 Series pushbutton switch is a perfect fit. It features momentary functionality that allows the user complete control. It typically lasts 50,000 cycles. It also has multiple cap options in the 800C1, 800C2, and 800C3.

If you want the control of “pulse” mode and the maintained functionality that allows walk-away blending, you can get it in one switch: the 300A Series rocker switch. It also has an ingress protection rating of IP67, so smoothie spills won’t affect its ability to function. It’s a three-position rocker switch that allows for both momentary and maintained functionality.

Then, of course, there are blenders featuring rotary switches like the KC1901 Series, which has nine positions for blending, chopping, and food processing at different speeds.

Whether you’re making a smoothie or salsa, E-Switch has switches for blenders of all designs. Happy National Smoothie Day from all of us at E-Switch!