What are Piezo Switches and What are They Used for?

Have you ever wondered about those intuitive buttons that seem to magically respond to your touch without any physical movement? Enter the world of Piezo switches — the unsung heroes behind many of today’s cutting-edge technological innovations.

The 15 Best Anti-Vandal Pushbutton Switches for 2024 Markets

Pushbuttons are a type of electromechanical switch used to control a circuit by physically pressing a button. They’re typically used for momentary, on-demand operations — where the switch is pressed to make or break the electrical connection before returning to its original position when released — although latching pushbutton switches are common as well. Anti-vandal […]

The 12 Best Tactile Switches for 2024

Tact switches are a fundamental component in many electronic devices — providing a reliable and user-friendly way to interact — but what are the best tactile switches on the market right now?

What is a Keylock Switch and How do They Work?

A keylock switch is a type of electrical switch that’s operated by turning a key. It’s commonly used to control access to electrical devices or systems, such as machinery, electronic equipment or security systems.

What Are Anti-Vandal Switches and What Are Their Uses?

An anti-vandal switch is an electro-mechanical switch designed to be installed in devices and equipment where it is susceptible to harsh use, vandalism and theft, as well as to withstand extreme temperatures and be resistant to dust and moisture.

Switches for Boating Equipment and Accessories

With the IBEX Boat Show coming to Tampa, Florida, we’ve been reviewing switches commonly used in boats and other watercraft, but we can’t forget about boating equipment and accessories. Here are some of our switch solutions for common boating equipment and accessories.