Thanksgiving Dinner Switches

Celebrating the Switches that Make Thanksgiving Dinner

We at E-Switch are so thankful for you, our customers, and wish you all the happiest Thanksgiving. You are the on-off switches that make us go, and without you we could not innovate, create or celebrate our success. We would be like kitchen appliances you can’t turn on. To celebrate Thanksgiving, we thought we’d celebrate those switches that make Thanksgiving dinner the best meal of the year.

Beverage Filling Machine Switches

Before you can buy the ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal, they must be inspected, prepared, packaged and distributed safely to your grocery store. Even if you’re brewing your own hard apple cider, you probably don’t have enough apples to make juice for that cider. That’s where beverage fillers play their role on Thanksgiving.

A beverage filling machine is used to accurately measure liquid into a sanitized container, delivering a consistent amount of product each time. Many of these devices feature a start/stop control switch like the KJD17 Series pushbutton switch.

The KJD17 Series is a heavy duty, industrial power pushbutton that is cURus and UL certified to handle up to 16 amps and two horsepower. A PVC cap is available for dust and moisture protection at an IP54 rating, which would be wise to employ for a beverage filling application.

Grocery Store Refrigerator Switches

R6 Series rocker switch

Before you start cooking, you’ve got to shop. While you walk the aisles of your local grocery store, take a moment to appreciate the display shelving our fellow Stein Industries company, Carlson AirFlo, provides to grocery stores and supermarkets. Most of those refrigerators feature a rocker switch for turning the lights on so you can get a good look at what you’re buying before your buy it. The R6 Series slim power rocker switch is ideal for these applications.

The R6 Series panel mount switches are just 6.65 by 19.2 millimeters and are cURus and UL certified for handling up to 10 amps of 125 volts of alternating current or 6 amps of 250 volts of alternating current. These switches tend to be mounted upside-down at the top of the refrigerator, hidden from view. The curved actuator on the R6 Series makes it easy to flip the switch even if you can’t see it.

Chest Freezer Switches

Chances are you bought a lot of your Thanksgiving dinner when it was on sale. Maybe your turkey was stored in a chest freezer featuring the RB1 Series power rocker switch. The RB1 Series comes with multiple illumination options or is available as non-illuminated. These rocker switches are rated for 15 to 20 amps dependent on current voltage, and multiple body colors, actuator colors, marking colors and marking types are also available.  An optional silicone cap can also be added for IP54-rated protection from dust and moisture.

Oven Switches

Your oven is the Thanksgiving MVP. It cooks the turkey, bakes pies and warms casseroles. Mashed potatoes and gravy can also be prepared using the oven if it features a stove top. With how often you use the oven on Thanksgiving, you can even turn down the heat in your home. It’s as critical to your dinner as the offensive lineman are to the quarterbacks of teams playing Thanksgiving football games.

There’s an abundance of switches on ovens, but whether you’re setting the temperature or the timer, you’re probably pressing a surface mountable tactile switch like the TL3145 Series sealed, long life tact switch. The TL3145 Series tactile switch is ideal for ovens because it features IP67 protection from dust and moisture. Even though there’s likely a cover installed over the switches on the oven’s control panel, if that cover material (usually plastic) were to erode, the switch would still be protected from spills.

The TL3145 Series tactile switch also operates at temperatures ranging from -40°C to 85°C, so it can handle the heat in the kitchen. Most importantly, the TL3145 Series tact switch has a life expectancy of up to 3 million cycles, so these switches will likely outlast your oven or whatever other appliance they’re installed on.

We hope you have the happiest of Thanksgivings, and thank you for your loyal support of E-Switch and our products. We’re sure they’ll serve you well this holiday season and beyond.