All Panel Mount Switches Now Available with Wire Leads

All Panel Mount Switches Now Available with Wire Leads

In these dog days of summer, installing a switch shouldn’t make you sweat. We at E-Switch want to make the installation of our switches as easy as possible, and wire leads are the easiest termination option to install. That’s why all our panel mount switches are now available with wire leads.

Whether you’re looking for an anti-vandal, keylock, rocker, pushbutton, snap action, slide, or toggle switch for panel mounting, all are now available with wire leads.

Some anti-vandal switch series, like the CS, PMV6, and SV Series, are already configurable with wire leads. You can simply scroll down the product detail page to the configurator and select the most suitable wire lead option in the termination section.

Other anti-vandal switches that are not currently configurable with wire leads, like the PVA3, PV0, PV2, PV5, and PVK4 Series, can be customized to include wire leads by contacting one of our sales representatives by phone, email, or live chat.

The same goes for all our panel mount switches. If a rocker, slide, toggle, keylock, or pushbutton switch suits your application design, order it with wire lead termination to make installation a breeze.

If wire leads don’t suit your application’s design, use the guide below to see what termination options are available for every panel mount switch we offer. Whether it’s wire leads, solder, screw, or quick connect terminals, E-Switch panel mount switches have the right termination option for your designs.