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RE1 Series Oval, Illuminated Power Rocker Switch

The RE1 Series illuminated power rocker switch features a unique oval shape and high current ratings up to 16A of 125VAC and 1/3 HP, T105 with [UL] and [cURus] approvals. Multiple electrical rating options are available for these oval, illuminated power rockers, which dictates the temperature ranges in which these switches will operate. You'll be pleased to know these power rockers will operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to at least 105°C and up to 125°C. The RE1 Series high current rocker switches are meant for an oval panel mount cutout sized 13.5mm x 23.2mm. The actuator on these LED rocker switches is curved and fully illuminated. There are multiple actuator marking options and lens colors available for this LED rocker switch. Applications for these illuminated power rocker switches include:

  • Industrial
  • Audio/visual
  • Lighting ballast


  • Up to 16A, 125VAC, 1/3HP electrical rating, with multiple rating options
  • Operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to at least 105°C and up to 125°C, depending on electrical rating option
  • Full illumination options, multiple marking options and lens colors

RE1 Series Oval, Illuminated Power Rocker Switch

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ELECTRICAL RATING: Option C: 16A @ 125VAC [UL, cUL]; 10A @ 250VAC [UL, cUL]; 1/3HP @ 125/250VAC [UL, cUL]; 10(4)A @ 250V~1E4, T125 [ENEC]; 10(2)A @ 250V~5E4, T85 [ENEC]; Option 3: 10A @ 125VAC [UL, cUL]; 6(2)A @ 250V~1E4, T125 [ENEC] OPERATING/STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -20°C to 105°C [UL, cUL]; -20°C to 125°C [ENEC] ELECTRICAL LIFE: 10,000 Cycles CONTACT RESISTANCE: 35mΩ Max. INSULATION RESISTANCE: 100MΩ Min. at 500VDC DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 1,500VAC for 1 Minute

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