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RB3 Series Illuminated Rocker Switch

RB3 Series Illuminated Rocker Switch

The RB3 Series rocker switch fits a 13.8mm by 30.2mm front panel cutout and performs single-pole maintained and momentary functions. There are seven function options, which hardly scratches the surface of options available for this rocker.

Sealed rocker switches are available with five different electrical ratings, providing IP67 protection from dust and moisture. If dust and moisture protection isn’t necessary for your application, choose from one of the four electrical ratings without ingress protection.

Illumination is optional, with dual LED illuminated rocker switches available in six colors and four lamp voltages. Actuator markings are also optional, and there are seven marking types from which to choose. All RB3 Series rocker switches are cURus and ENEC approved.

With all these options, the RB3 Series illuminated rocker switch is ideal for:

  • Commercial appliances
  • Industrial controls
  • Floor care appliances
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical/dental equipment
  • Electrical housewares
  • Audio/visual devices


  • 13.8mm x 30.2mm Cutout
  • Illumination and Marking Options
  • IP67 Dust and Moisture Protection Options
  • 1 Pole Maintained and Momentary Functions



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Rb3 Series

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Detail Specifications

ELECTRICAL RATING: A - 16(8)A, 125/250VAC, T55, IP67; B - 20(8)A, 125/250VAC, T55, IP67; C - 25(8)A, 125/250VAC, T55, IP67; D - 16A, 6-48VDC, T55, IP67; E - 20A, 6-36VDC, T55, IP67; 1 - 16(8)A, 125/250VAC, T125/55; 2 - 20(8)A, 125/250VAC, T125/55; 4 - 16A, 6-48VDC, 40T125/55; 5 - 20A, 6-36VDC, 40T125/55 OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40°C to 125°C (not all Ratings have this range) ELECTRICAL LIFE: 10,000 Cycles CONTACT RESISTANCE: 20mΩ Max. at 50VAC initial INSULATION RESISTANCE: 100MΩ Min. at 500VDC DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 1,000VAC for 1 min. DUST/MOISTURE PROTECTION: IP67 (not available for all Ratings) AGENCY APPROVALS: cURus, ENEC

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