Switch Solutions For The Handheld And Wearables Markets Featuring Navigation And Detector Switches

Switch Solutions for the Handheld and Wearables Markets: Navigation and Detector Switches

The handheld and wearables markets are booming. Wearable devices can be worn all over the body and each location has a unique set of functions. Whether you’re enjoying virtual reality video games or improving your fitness with tracking apps, handheld and wearable technology can filter your phone calls, provide personal safety assistance, alert you to your baby’s vital signs, monitor your home security, release stimuli to manage chronic pain, and even track the family dog’s whereabouts and activity level.

Wearable applications have many forms: anklet, armband/wristband, belt, bra, bracelet, contact lenses, chest-mounted, earring, earpiece, glasses, glove, headphone, head-mounted, necklace, ring, shoe, and watch.

Wearable technology extends the capabilities of the wearer in a wide range of situations. The wearer wants the wearable or handheld device to be discrete and accessible as though an extension of one’s own body. Miniature and micro-miniature switches lend themselves to the compact design of the devices, which contributes to a seamless and positive user experience.

Many of these handheld and wearable devices require navigation and detector switches to perform those functions. E-Switch offers many miniature navigation and detector switches suitable for wearable technology and handheld devices. JS1300 and JS1400 are miniature navigation switches that provide five-position navigation with a center pushbutton, surface mount design, and very low profiles.

The JS1300 and JS1400 switches are particularly functional in handheld applications where user interface is needed, such as screen joysticks for smart devices, portable light bar with multiple light configuration, and consumer electronics.

E-Switch also offers two micro-miniature detector switches: the TD4700 and TD1146. Both switches offer low profile, surface mount design, and over travel. Applications include consumer electronics, telecommunications, and networking devices.

Visit the links above to download data sheets, 3D models, or request a sample switch here. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the series “Switch Solutions for the Wearable and Handheld Devices Market” for more switch solutions like these. E-Switch offers one of the largest selections of electromechanical switches in the industry. Our products can be purchased through our authorized distributors. Thank you for getting to know E-Switch.