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PBH Series Right Angle Pushbutton Switch

The PBH Series right angle pushbutton switch has an ultra light feel and are PCB mountable. These switches feature the option of DPDT, 4PDT, or 6PDT circuits and can perform either momentary or maintained functions. The operating force required to actuate the switch depends on the number of poles. The spring-loaded actuator travels 5.5mm regardless. The PBH Series right angle pushbutton switches operate at temperatures between -20 and 70°C. They are rated to handle 100mA of 30VDC electrical current. Applications for this right angle pushbutton switch include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Test equipment
  • Professional audio
  • Instrumentation


  • 100mA, 30VDC electrical rating
  • PC board, right angle mounting design
  • Up to 6 poles with momentary and maintained (latching) functions

PBH Series Right Angle Pushbutton Switch

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Detail Specifications

ELECTRICAL RATING: 100mA @ 30VDC MECHANICAL LIFE: 30,000 Cycles Min. ELECTRICAL LIFE: 10,000 Cycles Min. CONTACT RESISTANCE: 100mΩ Max. INSULATION RESISTANCE: 100MΩ Min. DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 250VAC for 60 Seconds OPERATING FORCE: 2 Pole: 230gf ± 50gf; 4 Pole: 280gf ± 50gf; 6 Pole: 380gf ± 50gf OPERATING/STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -20°C to 70°C / MATERIALS / HOUSING: PBT (UL94-HB) Standard or (UL94-V0) ACTUATOR: POM Standard or PA66 (UL94-V0) TERMINAL BASE: PA66 (UL94-HB) Standard or (UL94-V0) MOVING CONTACTS: Silver (std) or Gold Copper Alloy TERMINALS: Silver Over Brass

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