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KAE Series Low Profile DIP Switch

KAE Series Low Profile DIP Switch

The KAE Series is a low profile DIP switch measuring 3.05mm x 6.3mm. The actuator on this DIP switch is available as either recessed or extended and offers up to 12 positions, which dictates the length of the switch. It features an optional top seal designed to withstand wave soldering and board washing.

KAE Series low profile DIP switches are available with both surface mount (gull wing) and through hole (straight or splayed) terminals. You can also choose between tape and reel or tube packaging. These DIP switches operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to 85°C, making them good for applications in harsh environments. The initial electrical rating for these DIP switches is 25mA of 24VDC, and the carry current, or steady-state current, rating is 100mA of 50VDC.

Markets for the KAE series DIP switches include:

  • Garage door openers
  • Test and instrumentation
  • Telecommunications
  • Controller applications


  • Replaced KAJ series in 2012
  • KAJ replaced KAW series in 2006
  • 1 to 12 actuator positions; both PCB pin and SMT termination options
  • Top tape seal optional; tube or tape and reel packaging



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Detail Specifications

ELECTRICAL RATING: Carry: 100mA @ 50VDC; Switch: 25mA @ 24VDC LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2,000 cycles CONTACT RESISTANCE: 50mΩ Max INSULATION RESISTANCE: 100 MΩ min. at 500 VDC DIELECTRIC STRENGTH: 500VAC for 1 min. OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -20°C to 85°C STORAGE TEMPERATURE: -40°C to 85°C TRAVEL: 1.0mm nominal CONTACT ARRANGEMENT: SPST each position / SOLDERING RECOMMENDATION / WAVE: 500°F (260°C) for 5s Max. HAND: 30W Soldering Iron at 608°F (320°C) for 2s Typical *Keep all switches in the "OFF" position during soldering and cleaning process.

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