Getting to Know the ULV Series Anti-vandal Pushbutton Switches

The following video focuses on our more popular category: the ULV Series. The acronym, ULV, categorizes the switch as UL certified, and the ‘V’ represents anti-vandal. This switch series currently includes the ULV4, ULV7, and ULV8, which function by pushbutton.

Up to 25 parts are assembled to produce the ULV Series switches. This series provides travel of 3.2mm, actuation force for single-pole of 250 grams, and for double-pole, 350 grams, momentary or latching operation, and a mechanical life of one million cycles (momentary) and 500,000 cycles (latching).

What is the difference between momentary and latching operation? Momentary action is where a circuit is continuously closed or opened only when a force is applied to the switch actuator. The switch returns to its normal position when the force is removed. Latching action is where the change of the electrical state is maintained between actions. The contact changeover executes each time the switch is actuated.

Single-pole, double-throw and double-pole, double-throw contact arrangements are available for all new ULV switch models. Designed for harsh use to resist normal wear and tear and corrosion, these switches are sealed at an IP67 rating for dust and moisture protection.

The ULV4 utilizes a 19mm diameter panel cutout and offers dot ring or a power symbol illumination pattern. Illumination color options include white, red, orange, green, blue, and yellow.

The ULV7 utilizes a 22mm diameter panel cutout and provides ring illumination. Color options for the ULV7 include white, red, green, blue, and yellow. The ULV8 utilizes a 25mm diameter panel cutout and provides ring illumination. Color options for the ULV8 include white, red, green, blue, yellow, red-green and red-blue.

The aesthetics of the ULV Series not only make them attractive, but they also provide the robustness and durability necessary in an anti-vandal switch. The design of the switch offers tamper resistance and anti-jamming construction properties.

The ULV Series is an excellent switch for the following applications and industries: audio/visual, security devices, industrial controls, marine and watercraft, ticket kiosks, electrical appliances, and medical equipment.

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