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A Hardware Crypto Wallet featuring the TL4110 Series Tact Switch

Crypto, crypto, crypto… Over the last couple of years, this word has proliferated and now founds itself a staple in our everyday lexicon. However, CryptoCurrency is not a new invention, it’s been around since 2009 when Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency was created. Once esoteric knowledge, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency have been growing steadily in popularity, only to burst into the mainstream in the early 2020s.

With crypto and other digital assets comes a very real and dangerous problem…cyber attacks. These threats pose a huge problem within the digital space. It’s not uncommon to see a headline stating “100 Million Dollars Stolen in Crypto” or “NFT Rug Pull Costs Millions in Losses”.

With these growing concerns on cyber security, one E-Switch customer is doing all they can to keep us, regular investors, safe as we traverse the metaphorical wild-west of this digital realm. Their crypto wallet comprises of a physical hardware wallet and a live application. The pairing of hard and software adds a whole new layer of security. The hardware wallet resembles a USB stick and acts as the key to opening your account. Without this physical key, one cannot access the account thus protecting you and your hard-earned digital assets.

Now, how does one control this crypto wallet, with TL4110 Tact Switch from E-Switch of course! The TL4110 series is a Surface Mount Switch (SMT) with an extremely small surface profile of 2.0mm x 2.8mm. The switch is even designed to mount along the edge of the PCB for Right Angle Actuation, thus minimizing the amount of overall space needed.

This low-profile design paired with the durable functionality of the TL4110 makes this tact switch a perfect fit for this modern application. With 300,000 Life Cycles and an Operating Force of 160gf, it’s clear to see why this particular Tactile Switch is so popular.

It’s not just the functionality of the switch that drew this company to E-Switch. It was the price and customer support that enabled their vision to come true. With an estimated 2.4 million annual units ordered, E-Switch is proud to be part of yet another innovative journey.

TL4110AF160Q Specs:

Contact Rating: 20mA @ 15VDC
Electrical Life: 300,000 
Contact Resistance: 500mΩ Max
Insulation Resistance: 50MΩ Min @ 100VDC
Dielectric Strength: 2250VAC for 1 Minute
Operating Temperature: 40°C to 85°C
Travel:  0.13mm
Contact Arrangement: SPST
Actuation Force: 160gf

Here are some other typical Applications and Industries for the TL4110:

Some other Tact Switches to consider for this type of application are:

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