Wire Assemblies 

E-Switch offers custom wire harness assembly with the ability to add wires, connectors or other wire terminations per your request to its wide range of rocker switches, snap action switches, anti-vandal switches and pushbutton switches. Contact an E-Switch representative in your area or E-Switch Regional Manager for specific details at 800.867.2717.



Anti-vandal Switches

Anti-vandal switches can be found on kiosk and public ticket dispenser applications, along with other industrial type applications that require vandal resistance in a public setting. With a wide variety of options, including illuminated, sealed and long life expectancy.


Snap Action Switches

E-Switch snap action series provide multiple options including a unique SMT version of snap action switches, the TS2 series. Miniature and sub-miniature snap action switches are available.


Rocker Switches

Rocker switches are commonly used to directly power a device. They are available in many shapes, sizes and colors, with both standard and custom symbols available on the actuator. Rocker switch illumination may be controlled on a separate circuit, or be dependent on switch position, based on what series is chosen. Available termination options include SMT, PCB pins, solder lugs, screw terminals, and quick connect tabs.


Pushbutton Switches

E-Switch pushbutton switches range in size from miniature to industrial power switches. Many illuminated pushbutton switches are available.

Please contact us at 800-867-2717 for more information!