KAD Series tri-state DIP switch baseball debut

KAD Series DIP Switch Enters the Game

The KAT Series DIP switch has retired, but there’s a viable replacement entering the game from the bullpen – the KAD Series. The KAD Series is a tri-state DIP switch, which makes it a unique option out of the bullpen. While most DIP switches feature just “ON” and “OFF” functionality with multiple positions, the KAD Series DIP switch features “high output,” “low output,” and “high impedance” or “OFF” functionality at multiple positions. It’s a low-profile switch with a sneaky fastball, an effective changeup, and a nasty curveball.


Its low profile and 4, 5, 8, 9 or 10 positions available make it versatile enough to stick in the bigs for a long time, especially with a 2,000-cycle life expectancy per circuit. Weather isn’t a problem, either. It’ll operate in temperatures ranging from -20° to 85° Celsius, and with an optional top tape seal for the recessed actuator, the KAD Series can play well on the road regardless of humidity or wind…even in the Windy City.

Check out the E-Switch League baseball card for the KAD Series Low-profile, Tri-state DIP switch to read its “Road to the Show” story and statistics.

Extended or recessed actuator options make this DIP switch ideal for any game situation, and straight pin (through-hole) or gull wing (SMT) termination options are also available. The KAD Series DIP switches featuring straight pin terminals are delivered in tube or tape and reel packaging, while the gull wing versions are only available in tape and reel packaging.

These DIP switches might be supplied with all poles in the “OFF” position, but the KAD Series plays every game like it’s the World Series once its gold contacts touch the board. Look for it to make an MVP push in audio/visual devices, computer peripherals, consumer electronics, instrumentation, telecommunication devices, and medical equipment.