What technology is used in Super Bowl 2024?

What Switch Technology is Used in Super Bowl LVIII?

With over 115 million television viewers, a total of $600 million spent on 30-second ads and a halftime performance by a recording artist who’s sold over 100 million records worldwide (Usher), Super Bowl LVIII promises to be an absolute behemoth of a cultural spectacle revolving around a lot more than just two teams moving a pigskin up and down the field. If you want to stage one of the world’s biggest extravaganzas, then you need to ensure two things: (1) that Taylor Swift will be in attendance and (2) that the event space comes complete with all the latest tech advancements. Swift will be there, but what technology is used in Super Bowl 2024?

It’s a safe bet that we’ll be left traumatized by all the advertisements for generative Artificial Intelligence throughout the course of the night, but Super Bowl Sunday won’t only be about bowing down to our new AI overlords. Here are some other technological advancements on show in Las Vegas, as well as the unheralded switch components that are crucial to making them function.

What technology is used in Super Bowl 2024?

Way back when, Super Bowl broadcasts used to come down to the work of nothing more than a few cameras and a van parked out back serving as the production control room. Fast forward to the present day and that same production consists of over 120 specialty cameras and a massive compound dedicated to producing the assorted feeds beamed across the globe.

If you’ve ever watched an NFL broadcast, you’ll be familiar with images of their complex production control rooms, where all the video, audio, graphic, communication and replay systems are deployed. The most striking visual of all is the control room panel, which can be loaded with as many as 1,200 buttons per board!

Production Control Room

E-Switch has experience with outfitting these panels, most notably through the use of our LP11 Series illuminated pushbutton switch.

LP11 Series


These switches are the perfect solution for control room boards with three non-tactile or tactile actuator choices (12mm, 15mm or 17.4mm sculptured square cap sizes), numerous illumination options (including RGB or multiple bicolor LED combos) and great durability (1,000,000 cycles). The square caps can also come with custom markings to demonstrate their function on the panel.

Another example of the growing influence of technology at Super Bowl LVIII is the vast improvements made to Allegiant Stadium’s Wi-Fi systems. Attending the Big Game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone involved, so it comes as no surprise that the Super Bowl has annually set new records for wireless data-consumption ever since stadiums started deploying fan-facing networks. Las Vegas is well prepared for the Wi-Fi storm headed its way as Allegiant Stadium has vastly improved its cellular coverage ahead of the Super Bowl.

The internal stadium distributed antenna system (DAS) now has 130 network zones, and major improvements have been made to the cellular coverage outside the stadium to support everything going on beyond the walls of Allegiant Stadium before kickoff.

Wi Fi Router System

E-Switch has many products that cater to the telecommunications industry, and our TL3301 Series is a trusted component in Wi-Fi router systems as an on/off switch.

TL3301 Series


The TL3301 Series SMT tactile switch is conveniently contained within housing measuring 6mm x 6mm, making for easy insertion into your product. It’s designed for surface mountable applications, offers several actuator heights, multiple operating forces (100gf, 160gf and 260gf) and a life expectancy of 100,000 cycles.

Super Bowl 2024 Date, Time and E-Switch Prediction

Super Bowl 2024 kickoff time is set for Sunday, February 11, at 6:30 p.m. EST on CBS, Univision (Spanish-language), Nickelodeon (kid-friendly) and Paramount+ (streaming).

E-Switch Prediction: The San Francisco 49ers beat the Kansas City Swifties Chiefs to lift the Lombardi Trophy for the sixth time (and first since 1994).

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