800C Series Alternating Action Miniature Pushbutton Switch

Alternating Action Miniature Pushbutton Switch Alternating Action pushbutton, Miniature Pushbutton Pushbutton

The 800C series pushbutton switch is miniature in size and offers multiple termination options. You can get it as a panel mount or PCB mount switch as well. 

One of the main features is its alternating action design.

The marketings and applications for this switch series include telecommunications, networking, computers, performance audio, instrumentation and low power on/off design applications.

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    Electrical Rating:  
    Silver: 3A @ 120VAC or 28 VDC, 1A @250VAC
    Gold: 0.4VA @ 20V Max (AC or DC)
    Electrical Life: 6,000 Cycles
    Contact Resistance: 
    Silver: 50mΩ Max initial 
    Gold: 20mΩ Max initial
    Insulation Resistance: 1,000 MΩ Min. @1000VDC
    Dielectric Strength: 1000VAC for 1 minute
    Operating/Storage Temperature: -30°C to 85°C
    Travel: Electrical Make: 1.34mm / Full travel: 1.88mm         
    Circuit Function: SPDT
    Actuation Force: 350 gf