Get Wired with E-Switch

Adding wire leads to a switch just got easier!

E-Switch announces several product extensions for the anti-vandal product line. These new options eliminate in-house labor or second sourcing to add wire leads before installation, therefore reducing lead-time and cost.

Get Wired Mini_cover

Click Product Detail Page to link to specifications, 2D drawings and 3D model download for each switch series

Pre-wired Assembly

ULV series and PV series - available for ULV4, ULV7, ULV8 and PV4, PV3, PV7, PV8, PV9, and PV10
  • 300mm long wire leads attached
  • Color coded wires
  • Compatible with a variety of connectors

PVP Socket Extension - 2 Options

  • PVP Socket Extension with Solder Lug Terminal - Available to PV3, PV4, PV7
  • Convenient connection
Land Pg 2_PVP Solder Lug_BH

  • PVP Socket Extension with wired leads attached to socket - Available to PV3, PV4, PV7, PV8, PV9 and PV10
  • 140 mm long wire leads attached
  • color coded wires
  • compatible with a variety of connectors
Land Pg 3_Wire PVP_BH